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Tyre pressure sensor repair and programming in York

Electronic TPMS's are an important safety feature on many vehicles, constantly monitoring tyre pressures using sensors in all four tyres and alerting you to any changes in tyre pressure or temperature.

If your TPMS or sensors fail, your car will not pass its MOT. Diagnosing the fault and repairing your tyre pressure sensors can be challenging, and many garages do not have the software or expertise required.

Ivinson Autos in York has the advanced diagnostic testing systems required to identify faults with your TPMS. And we have the expertise to repair and programme your system here in York, with no need to send your vehicle away to the manufacturer. That means we can complete job more quickly and cost effectively.

So whenever you need tyre pressure sensor repair and programming in York, you can rely on the electronic diagnosis and repair expertise of Ivinson Autos to complete the work to a high standard – and get your vehicle back on the road quickly.