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Electronic parking brake repair and diagnostics in York

Electronic parking brakes or hand brakes are fitted to a wide range of cars, and failure of these units is a common fault on many models, often at around 80,000 miles. Diagnosing and repairing faults to electronic parking brakes requires special software and expertise.

If you experience problems with your electronic parking brake, Ivinson Autos is one of the few garages in York to offer rapid computer-based diagnostics and repair. Drivers across the city trust our advanced systems and skilled mechanics to diagnose and repair electronic parking brake faults in York. We have the Bosch KTS diagnostic testing system required to diagnose faults with all makes of electronic parking brake, as well as the expertise to repair your handbrake quickly and affordably.

Common faults with electronic parking brakes include worn-out internal motors, circuit board relay failures and seized cables. As well as diagnosing and repairing these faults, we have the expertise to programme handbrake modules in York, with no need to send the units back to manufacturers or main dealers for reprogramming.