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Diesel particulate filter blockage and regeneration in York

Diesel particulate filters have been fitted to diesel cars since 2009 to reduce particulate emissions and pollution. To maintain the performance of diesel particulate filters, most car manufacturers build in active regeneration systems which use engine control software to actively clear the filters whenever they become clogged.

However, these systems can fail, particularly if you undertake frequent short journeys where the engine doesn’t become hot, allowing your diesel particulate filter to become blocked. It’s important not to ignore a DPF warning light, as your filter could become so clogged that it requires manual regeneration.

In these situations, many garages simply replace the part. However, at Ivinson Autos in York, we have the technology and the skills to regenerate your filter, so it doesn’t need to be replaced. That means a faster and more affordable repair for you, returning your diesel particulate filter to full effective operation without the need to send it away for regeneration.