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Broken down? Our York Breakdown Recovery Team are at your service!

Give us a call now on: 01904 758 900

Get in touch and we'll quickly let you know how long it will take us to reach you. We charge a flat fee of £60 for car recovery in York (within the York Outer Ring Road). Feel free to contact us if you've broken down somewhere else in the vicinity of York – we may still be able to help.

My car or van has broken down – what now?

Breakdowns are one of those unfortunate things that happen to us all at some point in our lives. Follow these steps to ensure your vehicle can be recovered as quickly and safely as possible:

1. Get the vehicle off the road

If you haven’t done so already, please do your best to get your vehicle off the road and into a safe place, out of the path of oncoming traffic. If this proves to be absolutely impossible, get the vehicle as out of the way of other road users as possible and activate your hazard lights.

2. Call for help

Once your vehicle is out of harm's way, find a safe place where you and any passengers can await help. Once you've taken this crucial step, call us on 01904 758 900. We can then provide you with an estimated response time and make a start on working out the cause of your breakdown (if it’s simply a case of your fuel running out or another common problem, you may already be able to tell us).

3. Stay calm and wait near your vehicle

We're well aware that keeping calm in a tricky situation is far easier said than done, but we recommend you take a deep breath and try your hardest to do so. Have a drink or snack if possible, text a loved one - whatever it takes to level out your emotions. You'll need to wait near your vehicle in order to meet up with our York Vehicle Recovery expert (we can't recover a vehicle without getting the owner's consent, in-person). If possible, find a spot away from the road where you can sit down in view of your vehicle.

4. Recovery and repairs

Our responder will work quickly to identify the cause of the problem with your vehicle and ensure your safety as soon as they arrive at your location. We are leading experts in car breakdown recovery in York, with extensive experience of all manner of mechanical faults. Once we've assessed the situation we can transport your vehicle safely back to our garage in York, where our engineers can carry out any necessary repairs, with your permission.

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