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Ivinson Autos York Brake Service

No other part of your vehicle is anywhere near as important as your brakes. You don’t need us to tell you how important it is to be able to stop as sharply as possible when the need arises.

As brakes are so essential to our customers’ safety, we’ve dedicated a huge proportion of our training time to understanding this component quite literally inside out. We know in great depth how brakes work and what makes them work at their optimum level. We know the warning signs when something’s wrong, and we know how to prevent problems from happening in the future.

A full Ivinson Autos York brakes service will cover all the essential components of your brakes, including:

  • Shoes and pads
  • Brake fluid change
  • Discs
  • Callipers
  • Hoses and pipes
  • Handbrake linkages

We’re happy to carry out a full check of your brakes absolutely free-of-charge – you don’t pay unless you ask us to execute a repair or replacement.

Regular brake fluid changes

Changing your brake fluid is one of those time-consuming tasks that can easily slip down your schedule when life is busy. That’s natural enough, but it’s also putting people at risk.

Brake fluid plays a vital role as the ‘middle-man’ between your brake pedal and your brakes. If there’s something wrong with it, the safe transfer from your pressure on the pedal to friction on the wheel is jeopardised.

As the fluid is used over time it absorbs excess moisture from nearby components, causing brakes to become less effective or even to fail. The average driver should get their brake fluid changed at least once every two years to counteract this effect. If you live in a city like York, where the streets are short and the traffic lights are many, you should consider the extra wear-and-tear to which your brakes and brake fluid are exposed.

Get a free brake check

Give us a call to arrange a free brake check from our team of skilled mechanics. We’ll meticulously assess your vehicle’s brakes to uncover any existing or potential future problems. This service is free, provided you don’t commission any repairs or replacements from us.

We strongly advise moderate drivers to have their brakes checked every 6 months. Think of it as like a doctor’s check-up – it may be a nuisance to set aside the time so regularly, but it’s important for your wellbeing.

We deal with a huge range of brakes on vehicles large and small. Whatever you drive and however good or bad its condition may be, we’ll treat your brakes with just the same care and attention.